Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting the call ...

My Charter Cable Commercial Callback went great. I only saw one other female there from the original audition, but also a few new faces. I got paired up with a new husband this time and he was extremely not hard on the eyes, (gotta love this job), and we did a great job playing off each other. Afterward, of course I did that crazy thing we actors do of what I could have done better, but I still got the "on avail" call from my agent. Yay. Unfortunately it was short lived. And I didn't get a booking call the week they were shooting. Over all it was a great way to start the new year, but it hurts when you get that close.

On another great note, my agent was named the February 2011 SAG Agent of the Month. Yay Casey. I was so happy for him and Reyna, his girlfriend threw a cool celebration get together.

Also working on making my marketing more in tune with my branding. It's gonna take some work, but it'll be a big pay off.

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